How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

While wedding rings tend to be more subtle than flashy engagement rings, choosing the right ones are still an important decision. The good thing about wedding ring shopping is it’s something you can do together as a couple. Whereas your engagement ring was more than likely chosen by your partner as a surprise! Here are some of the things to consider when selecting a wedding ring.

What’s Your Budget?
Before you start to browse for rings, it’s a good idea to set a budget. Bearing in mind you will have the cost of a wedding to pay for too, choosing something that’s realistically affordable is essential. Unlike an engagement ring there are two rings to buy this time, and so it’s worth thinking about the cost.

What Metal Will You Choose?
It makes sense that you would choose the same metal as your engagement ring. Not only because this will complement your engagement ring better, but different metals have different hardness levels. One can ‘wear down’ the other as they rub together on your finger. If you are going to mix the metals, at least choose one which has a similar hardness level to that of your engagement ring band.

What Style Will You Choose?
Will you opt for plain bands, or choose something studded with sparkle? Again taking your engagement ring into consideration here is important. Even if it’s not the exact match for that ring, the styles should be balanced and work well together. If you want something a bit more special or have something specific in mind, having custom wedding rings made is a good way to go. This allows you and your partner to have some creative input and have a finished product that’s perfect for you both.

Does It Complement Your Hand?
Because you’ll have both a wedding ring and an engagement ring on one finger, it’s important to make the right decision so that it looks right on your hand. For example, very thick bands will take up a lot of room on your finger and could even make slightly larger hands look ‘squashed’. You could counteract this problem by choosing a thinner band. Going into a jeweller and trying on lots of different styles could be helpful. Even if you then decide to buy online, you know what kind of thickness is going to look best with your engagement ring on your hand.

Do The Rings Go Together Well?
The final thing to consider is how well yours and your partner’s wedding ring works together. Since they are part of a pair, ideally you’ll choose rings that have similarities. While men’s rings tend to be thicker and plainer, you could still opt for similar styles or choose the same metal. They could have similar matching stones set into the band or even a matching engraving inside.

Have you started looking at wedding bands yet? Do you have any ideas about the kinds of styles you’re going to go for?