How Can You Get Whiter Teeth? At Home Remedies That Work!

Having whiter teeth is something that nearly everyone strives for. Your smile is one of the things that can show people who you are. Nothing is worse than having yellow teeth when trying to have a winning smile. There are several factors that can affect the color of your teeth. First of all, there are many lifestyle factors. If you enjoy smoking or drinking a lot of dark drinks like red wine, then they can darken your teeth. Think of the effect that red wine or cigarette ash would have on a white carpet, for example. Our teeth are quite porous. As a result, they can easily absorb things that we put on them. That is why having a good dental health routine in place is key.

Of course, if we consume staining foods and drinks, they would cause our teeth to change color. But if we properly take care of our teeth, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The thing is, none of us are perfect. We might miss brushing our teeth every now and again, or have a little more than normal for these staining foods. So over time the quality and color of our teeth can deteriorate. There are some ways that we can whiten our teeth at home, though. A lot of people think that they have to pay over the odds to get good looking white teeth. That is not so! First, you could try a home teeth whitening kit. You could look at a site like this for reviews. You could also try a couple of ideas for home remedies. Check out these two below.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice
This is a classic combination that will help you to get whiter teeth in no time at all. The baking soda is pretty alkaline, which works as an abrasive when gently rubbed on teeth. When it is mixed with acid lemon juice, it balances the acid of the lemon juice out. The lemon is a natural sort of bleach. How many of us have used lemon juice on our hair when we were younger to make it look blonde? It can have a similar effect on our teeth. Make a paste with the two of them and then gently rub on your teeth with a toothbrush.

Coconut Oil Pulling
Apparently, oil pulling has been around for a long time. Basically, you take a tablespoon of coconut oil and put it in your mouth. As the oil is in your mouth, it will melt. This means that you can then ‘pull’ it and swish it in between your teeth. Doing this for around five minutes each day is a great way to strengthen teeth. It is also a great way to get rid of bacteria in your mouth. It generally makes your mouth healthier, which is a great way to start off getting whiter teeth. You could read a little more about it here You could add a few drops of something like peppermint oil if you don’t like the taste of plain coconut oil. It is a bit of an odd sensation at first. After one try, though, you get use to it.