Exploring Wedding Venue Options: Where Will You Say ‘I Do’?

If you’re getting married, your wedding venue is probably high up on the list of planning priorities. Choosing the perfect venue can be tricky. You may be torn between two places, or desperately looking for something with the wow factor. If you’re organizing your big day, here are some options you may wish to explore.

Traditional Weddings
Traditional weddings remain incredibly popular. Many couples choose to get married in a church and then host a reception at a different location. There are also alternatives to church weddings. Do you want a traditional ceremony without religious connotations? If so, register offices, hotels, and country houses are possibilities worth considering. If you do want a religious service, it may also be possible to choose a different venue. Some castles, for example, have a chapel, so you could host the entire day at the same place.

If you want a traditional church wedding, it’s advisable to book your date in advance. You’ll need to meet the minister or priest to discuss dates, fees, and your order of service. It may also be necessary to go to pre-wedding meetings or classes. Once you’ve booked a date, think carefully about what readings and hymns you would like.

Outdoor Weddings
Outdoor weddings are increasingly popular. More and more venues are offering outdoor ceremony areas, and people are embracing weddings with a difference. Laid-back festivals, barn dances, and beach weddings enable you to enjoy your big day with an incredible backdrop. If you choose to get married outdoors, there’s an element of risk with the weather. But you’ll get amazing photographs.

If you’re interested in arranging an al fresco wedding, look into the legalities. If your chosen venue doesn’t have a wedding license, you’ll need to host the legal section somewhere else. You could sign the papers at a register office before moving location for the rest of the day.

Always take the weather into account when planning your wedding day. If it’s going to be incredibly hot, make sure you provide shady spots for guests. Offer glasses of water as guests arrive and place a parasol under each chair. If there’s a chance of rain, have some umbrellas at the ready. You could also look into a retractable shelter, like an awning, for example.

If you’re getting married at the beach, you have all kinds of options available to you. You could hold the ceremony on the sand or hire a restaurant overlooking the water. You could hire a boat and take a trip out to a tiny island paradise or even rent out a luxurious yacht for the day.

Marquee Weddings
Marquee weddings are a fantastic means of combining indoor and outdoor weddings. You get the best of both worlds with this option. You can have your photographs outside and enjoy wonderful views. When the temperature drops, you can shelter from the cold and dance the night away inside. Marquee weddings also make it possible to host your wedding at a wide range of venues. You can put a marquee up almost anywhere, and you have free reign over the decoration and design.

Some venues, like large hotels and country clubs, may have their own marquee facilities for hire. Otherwise, you can inquire about putting a marquee in the grounds.

Many couples choose to have their wedding at home or their parents’ house. If you have a large garden, you can put up a marquee or a teepee and get ready to entertain your guests at home. With most marquees, you have a blank canvas to personalize. You can choose which tables and chairs you want, and select a colorway. You can add fairy lights to the ceiling or customized giant light letters for the dancefloor. You can hang lanterns or add ornate floral centerpieces to the table. When the sun sets, clear the tables away and get ready to party. Hire a live band or put together a playlist using guest request. Order some bespoke bar shelves to create a trendy bar, and get the cocktails flowing.

Quirky Wedding Venues
Are you looking for a wedding venue with a difference? Are you eager to impress your guests and show them something they’ve never seen before? Today, you can host a wedding celebration almost anywhere. If you want people to talk about your wedding for years to come, think outside the box. Go for somewhere that means something to you and your partner. Where was your first date? Where did you meet? Do you have a special place you love to go to whenever you have time? You could get married at a zoo or an aquarium. You could go back to college or hire out your favorite nightclub. You could host a whimsical wedding in a forest clearing or say your vows on the top of a mountain. Stage a show at an old cinema or put on your own gig. The options are limitless.

If you’re interested in an unconventional venue, it’s best to do some careful planning. Think about your party size and practical considerations, like transport and logistics. Find out whether it’s possible to have a legal ceremony at your chosen location. If not, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your plans. You can simply hold the reception there rather than the ceremony. If there are potential difficulties, make sure you inform your guests. If you’re getting married in the woods, for example, it may be best to encourage friends and family to wear flat shoes.

Are you looking around for the perfect wedding venue? If you’re tying the knot soon, it’s understandable to want to find an idyllic place to say ‘I do’. There are all kinds of options out there, and it’s best to have an open mind. Don’t rush into making decisions. Take time to explore different venues, and always have a look around before you decide. Use your imagination, and try and picture what the location could look like on your big day. When you’ve tracked down the ideal venue, think about how you’re going to transform it. You can personalize the space to make it unique using decorations and bespoke details.