Creating my own scent with Demeter

Demeter makes blending your own custom fragrance FOOLPROOF with this custom set. Through FOOLPROOF Blending, Demeter assures that you can create your own unique fragrance, and indulge your creativity in scent without ever making mistakes.

FOOLPROOF BLENDING CATALOGUES consist of different fragrances that can be combined or blended in any combination or proportion to create your own custom scent. Choose your three favorite scents to wear alone or in any combination and proportion you like.

The idea that I get to make my own scent is something that I’ll always support. (So thank you Canadian Beauty Bloggers for making this collaboration possible) It just makes the entire experience so much more fun and unique. The steps are really simple: choose 3 scents you love from the Foolproof catalogue via and Demeter will ship the set box labeled with your scent choices. It’s so simple.

These 3 scents spoke to me because I thought they would make such a fresh scent together…and I was right. Though you can easily apply the different scents to directly to your skin, I prefer using the Demeter Foolproof Blending Tool Kit instead.

The kit includes: 1 Fragrance Funnel, 6 Droppers, 1 Refillable Bottle with Pump, Cap and a Customizable Label – that works best with permanent markers. All Demeter colognes, except vials, are reusable, so they can be opened and the fragrances mixed in the Blending Bottle.

And the result? I created a fragrance, which I had named “Washed” for its clean and fresh scent. The smell really remains me of being straight out of the shower. For my scent, I used 2 parts Clean Skin, 1 part Baby Powder and 10 drops of Pure Soap. I will definitely be wearing this well into the Fall season and leaving it in my purse.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried to create your own scent with Demeter!