Body Care Tips To See You Through The Cooler Months

When the weather turns a little cooler, it can be difficult to take the same care of ourselves as we once did. Eating healthy becomes a little harder, as all we crave is comfort food. Getting exercise seems so daunting. Even applying moisturizer can be a task, as you just want to be as warm as possible after a bath or shower. These body care tips should help to see you through the cooler months:

Have A Relaxed Health And Fitness Routine
Although you shouldn’t let go of a health and fitness routine altogether, you can have it a little more relaxed than you would usually. You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself, as it’s totally natural for people to want to hibernate during winter. By making sure you still exercise 3 times a week, and that you’re not gorging on cake every opportunity you get, you should feel much better about yourself.

Continue To Drink Lots Of Water
When it’s cold, we tend to drink more tea and coffee. While this is fine in moderation, it also contains caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates us, so it’s essential to continue drinking water when it’s cold.

Make Beautifying Yourself A Breeze
Finding beauty hacks that make taking care of yourself so much easier will make you feel better. For instance, I struggle with moisturizing after a hot bath because I’m just too cold. I now invest in a spray on moisturizer that helps me to get the job done so quickly!

Change Your Skincare Routine
It’s usually a good idea to change your skincare routine during winter, as skin changes with the seasons. Yours may not change, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it, just incase. You may want to start using a richer moisturizer and a more nourishing cleanser. A good facial oil will help to lock all of that moisture in too. Don’t forget, you still need to use an SPF to protect your skin during winter! Get a moisturizer with SPF to make it easier.

Have A Consultation With A Pro
Struggling to find the motivation to work out? Have a consultation with a pro. Maybe a PT could help you to turn things around and stay fit during winter. Maybe you’re thinking ahead to the festive period, and how you’re going to look in slinky dresses. Looking at sites like is always an option. However, a decision like this should never be made lightly. You should be in a good place mentally too!

Protect Yourself With The Right Clothes
Don’t forget to protect yourself with the right clothes. It’s the perfect time to go winter clothes shopping! Getting warm jumpers, a good coat and sturdy shoes will keep you warm and protect you. Don’t forget your scarf and gloves either. You don’t want dry, sore, chapped skin!

These tips should help you to continue to care for your body throughout fall and winter. Don’t let your good habits go out of the window because of a little cold!