5 Days To The Big Day? Making Your Time Before The Wedding Healthy and Happy!

Understandably, a lot of focus is put on making the wedding day the most incredible, fun and enjoyable day ever. While this is important (of course!), attention also needs to be paid to the days leading up to it.

Why? Because what happens in these three to five days can totally dictate what happens on the big day itself!

In this brief guide, we’ll be looking at what you can do over these days in order to increase the chances of having a happy and healthy wedding day!

Western cultures dictate bachelor and bachelorette parties take place to celebrate the forthcoming marriage. While it used to be that these parties happened just before the wedding day, this is becoming less and less common. Well, thank goodness for that! You don’t want to risk anyone being injured, ill, lost or even hungover a result. In these crucial days, fun, silliness, and even alcohol is totally allowed. Just make sure any drinking is done in moderation. After all, alcohol can cause memory loss. You’ll want to remember these precious days for the rest of your life!

On the topic of illness, if you haven’t already started a mini health kick, you should in these last few days. Clearing the toxins out of your body in advance of the big day will have a number of benefits. You’ll have clearer skin, for example, and are also less likely to catch a cold or illness. Nobody wants to be sneezing their way up the aisle! This isn’t to say you have to cut out all and any junk food and live off lettuce for a week! Just try and have a fresh fruit smoothie every morning to get your 5-a-day. Always keep a bottle of water on you, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Consider some nutrient boosting supplements, and maybe drink a big glass of matcha tea every morning too. Anything you can do to boost your immune system, do it! Even little things can add up to reduce the chance of your being ill, or even just a little lethargic, on your big day.

The very day before the wedding, be apart from your soon-to-be husband and spend the day just with your girlfriends. Chinese Wedding Traditions and a few other countries dictate that this should happen anyway. Alongside any traditional meanings that you also choose to hold dear on the day, it also gives you some much-needed space. You can use this day to reflect on your relationship with your fiance, and what is to come. Let’s be honest; it also means that you can’t bicker or fight before the big day either!

As for the very night before the wedding? It cannot be stressed enough that this should be as relaxed and chilled out as possible. Any last minute tasks or venue prep, for example, needs to be passed onto someone else. It is so important that you get some rest the night before the wedding. You’ll avoid dark bags the next morning, and getting tired too early at the reception if you do!