Unique Ideas For Your Bachelorette That You Will Love!

Sorting out your bachelorette can be tricky as you have to consider exactly what you want to do. You should start planning it at least eight months before the big day. You need firstly to write a list of everyone you want to invite. Once you have an idea of who will be coming to the hen, you can then think about what everyone would enjoy doing. Try and think of activities that all the girls will love and get involved in. Remember that it is your bachelorette, so if there is something you have always wanted to try, your girlfriends will just have to accept it. But ultimately you want them to have a good time at your hen do. Here are some unique ideas for your bachelorette that you will love.

Roller Disco
One unique idea for your bachelorette that will ensure you all have a great time is a roller disco. If you enjoyed skating when you were younger, going roller skating for your bachelorette is a brilliant way to reminisce about the good old days. It’s also a lot of fun for everyone to do and you will also enjoy the disco. You can party to the tunes while attempting to keep your balance. You should all try and pick a theme to what you all wear to the roller disco so that you don’t lose each other when you are skating around the rink! You could go ice skating instead if you fancy doing that; they often have nights where they will play great tunes while you skate. You can always head to a real disco after the roller disco to continue the party.

Wine Trail
Another unique idea for your bachelorette that you will want to consider is going on a wine trail. Just like an ale trail, a wine trail is perfect for a bunch of girls to enjoy together for a hen do. You can find many trails around the world such as the Hermann Wine Trail where you can visit several wineries which are located next to each other. You get to try all the different wines, and you are bound to be tipsy when you leave. They often do events where you can visit the delightful wineries and enjoy some great BBQ food at the same time. Find a great hotel nearby the wine trail so you can all head there after, as you won’t be able to drive after all the wine! You could also go for some wine tasting at a local winery, so you get to try all the different wines. You might even get the chance to make some of your own and bring a bottle home with you!

Dancing Class
You could also consider going to a dancing class for some fun for your bachelorette. It’s a great laugh with your girlfriends, and you could pick up some great moves. You could try a Salsa or a Zumba class for something lively and energetic. The instructor will definitely get you moving during the bachelorette. A lot of hens now go to twerking classes as it’s a lot of fun and you will end up giggling. Some ladies also choose to go for a pole dancing lesson which is also a laugh and will be something unique. You can all show off your new moves at the wedding when it’s time to dance at the disco!

Chocolate Making Class
Another unique idea for your bachelorette you don’t want to miss is a chocolate making class. If you have a sweet tooth, then this will be the perfect activity for you. You will be shown exactly how chocolate is made and then you will all have the chance to make your own chocolates. It’s a lot of fun, and you are bound to get messy. You will get to try each other’s chocolates and give each other scores on how well you have done! If chocolate isn’t your thing, you could go to a different cooking class such as Italian or Indian class. You can enjoy a meal together after cooking various delights. You could also all enjoy a cocktail making class. They are a lot of fun, and you are bound to all get drunk!

Dine in the Dark
You could also choose to dine in the dark for your bachelorette. These are becoming hugely popular after appearing in films such as About Time. You are led down to the dining area which is completely pitch black. They then bring you out different foods to eat and you won’t know what it is! You and the girls will have a right laugh and will have a unique tasting experience you won’t forget. You can find Opaque in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and it’s even now in Europe with a restaurant named Dans le Noir in London.

Karaoke Party
Another unique idea for your bachelorette is a karaoke party. If you have a great voice, or just love to sing, then a girls night out at a karaoke bar is a fab way to spend your hen. It can help a group who might not all know each other well bond. You will all have a great time, and you will be spurred on by the others in the bar when they see you are a hen group. As Glamour reveals, you can also go in a private room if you are all a little shy. Or you could even have a karaoke party in your home. Get Youtube up on your smart television and find some great songs to sing along to.

Old Skool Sleepover
When you were in your early teens, one of the top things you would have loved doing was going to a sleepover. So why not have an old skool sleepover for your bachelorette. Get all your girlfriends to come over to yours in their pajamas and make sure they bring a sleeping bag. Then you can make some pizzas, popcorn, and ice cream for you to all enjoy. Purchase a couple of great old skool films that you all used to watch when you were teens. You could even do a quiz about your faves back when you were teenagers. Don’t forget to play a fun game of truth and dare as well! You can then all stay up until dawn and then sleep in the sleeping bags in your lounge.

Visit a Psychic
Another unique idea for your bachelorette that you will all love is a visit to a psychic. You should research local psychics and then you can pop down there for a visit. See what she predicts for the future for each of you and then you will be able to see in years to come if she was telling the truth! Some psychics will come over to your house as well if that will make you more comfortable.

Go to a Fashion Show
A great and unique idea that all your girlfriends will love is going to a fashion show for your bachelorette. If you all love fashion, then you will all have a fabulous time. You will get to see all the latest fashions and can imagine yourself up there. You could all have a makeover before you go so that you feel fashionable while watching the show. If you can’t afford tickets to a fashion show, you could have one at your home. You could all wear different outfits and swap clothes and then pretend you are on a catwalk. Get someone to take photos while you strike a pose. It will be a great laugh, and you may find some ideas of what to buy during your next shopping trip!

Go for a Photoshoot
Another unique idea for your bachelorette that you will all love is going for a photoshoot. It’s a great chance to all get dressed up and get some professional photos done. You can book some packages where they will do your hair and makeup before you get your photos done. That way, you will feel very glam before getting the photos done with your girlfriends. You could also get photos done outside the studio. As this article reveals, pick a couple of locations and get some fun props to take with you.

Go to a Life Drawing Class
You could also consider a life drawing class if you are looking for something unique to do for your hen. It’s a great chance to all show off your creative skills, and you will all have a great laugh. It’s becoming more popular than going to see male models on stage. You can often get the life models to come to your home so you can all do it there. Be prepared to get the giggles when you do start drawing!

If you don’t fancy having a big hen do, you could organize a small bridal shower. It’s a great way to spend time with your girlfriends before the big day. You could even have a joint bridal shower and stag with your other half; check out mine here.