Tips For Making The Most Of Your Engagement!

Being engaged is a really beautiful time. Some people have short engagements, but I think there’s something lovely about making the most of your engagement. You don’t need to get married right away! Here are some tips to help you make the most of your engagement:

Put Your Wedding Day Into Perspective
Start off by putting your wedding day into perspective. So many people put such an emphasis on marriage being the be all and end all, they just can’t wait to do it. Then, once they are doing it, they’re not able to completely enjoy the moment because they’re too focused on it being perfect. Then, once it’s over, they are on a ridiculous come down. This isn’t healthy! Your wedding day is a special time, but nothing is going to change. Many people even report it not actually being the best day of their lives. The best thing you can do is take your time. There’s no rush to do anything or make any commitments.

Celebrate Your Love
While you’re engaged, you need to realise that you’re not in a holding cell until you’re finally married. Being engaged should be just as joyous. Celebrate your love more while you’re engaged. Don’t make your whole lives about wedding planning. Go out on more dates. Enjoy one another’s company.

Really Take Your Time Planning It All Out
If you aim to take a long engagement, you have plenty of time to really plan your wedding out. This doesn’t mean you should become an obsessed bridezilla. It means you can take longer to research venues, vendors, and everything else relevant to you. You can really make this the wedding of your dreams if you spend lots of time mulling over what’s really important to you. It might not even be what you originally think.

Have An Engagement Party
People love to have an excuse for a party, and an engagement is the perfect time! You can have this at any point during your engagement, but it’s a good idea to make sure you have it a fair bit of time before your wedding so you’re not overwhelming people with too many invites. You ideally want everybody who you’re inviting to the wedding at the engagement party, so leave plenty of notice for them too.

Have Pictures Taken
To help celebrate your engagement some more, why don’t you have some professional pictures taken? You and your other half could book a session – maybe this is even how you can announce it to everybody. Have some lovely pictures taken of the pair of you, as well as your ring and anything else you think would add to the occasion. Make sure you get some awesome pictures of that diamond engagement ring. You could include these at the start of your wedding album.

You should really make the most of your engagement. Getting married and settling into married life is awfully exciting, but that doesn’t make the engagement stage less so. Take your time, enjoy it. Bask in it even!