Make Your Next Birthday One You’ll Never Forget With My Cool Ideas

I have to admit; I love when my birthday rolls around in October. The last birthday I posted about I spent playing a lot of fun games with my nearest and dearest friends. Don’t get me wrong; it was a great experience, but I’m sure there are many of my readers out there who want to make their next birthday a tad more, memorable. Particularly if you’ve got a big one coming up like 18, 21, 25 or the dreaded 30. Worry not, because I’m going to make sure your next birthday bash is awesome.

Test Your Limits
I’ll admit, while I love this idea, I haven’t quite plucked up the courage to do it myself, yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go, though. You need to try and plan something for your next birthday that would normally scare you. Fear is fun, as anyone who loves horror films will tell you. It pumps up your adrenaline and gives you experiences that you’ll never forget. Some of the coolest ideas are to go skydiving or bungee jumping. Are these experiences dangerous? Sure, but that’s the beauty of them. You’ll probably never do it again, but these are things that you should try at least once in life. Usually, there’ll be an airstrip nearby that has tandem skydiving. For bungee jumping, have a look online for the nearest adventure.

Rent A Photo Booth
Of course, you don’t’ have to risk your life to have a great, memorable party. You can just mess around with your friends and take pictures to remember it all instead. Rather than settling for the Snapchat filters or Instagram, let’s go old school. You should hire a photo booth that often come with great props to use in the pics. There are plenty of options to choose from such as
Melbourne Memories photo booths. You can also take as many photos as you like and have them all to remember your birthday as long as you like. If you do this, I’m sure you’ll have some great snaps of a memorable day.

Hire A Bouncy Castle
Alternatively, if you are getting closer to fifty than you are to fifteen, you can regress. I was amazed and overjoyed when I discovered you could rent a bouncy castle for adults. That’s right, why should kids have all the fun? You may not even remember what it felt like to go on a bouncy castle, it was that long ago. Trust me, once you climb back on, you’ll love it. Although, you’ll probably find you won’t be able to bounce for too long without feeling a little queasy. After all, you’re not a kid anymore.

Or, if you want a more mature and adult orientated birthday party, why not arrange to be a VIP at a nightclub. If you contact one of your favourite clubs, you can usually arrange this for a cost. You’ll be able to have your private area in the club and you can typically invite only the people that you want. It gives you a cool sense of power and makes you feel like a real celebrity.

Are you eager to try any of these ideas out for your next birthday?