How to Dine like a Chef at Home

Just because you’re eating at home doesn’t mean you can’t eat in style. Of course, throwing together the same pasta recipe and eating in front of the telly is acceptable on bad days. But there are occasions on which you should treat yourself with a traditional sit-down meal.
Even if you don’t feel inspired to host a 3-course meal, you can easily incorporate one or more of the following tips to make dinner a little bit more special.

Familiarise yourself with basic dining etiquette
Print off an essential etiquette infographic to keep in your kitchen. Very few people will own an entire dining set, so you can slowly build up your collection by buying a new piece every month.

Work on your presentation
Food that is prepared with care is a pleasure for the eyes! Restaurants are extremely artistic in their approach to presenting food. Deconstructing a dish is a simple way to make a signature meal stand out. Changing the way you present a tried and tested dish can bring out new flavours that often get lost. Use the back of a spoon to make a ‘swoosh’ with your sauce. Always clean off any drips or stains from the edges of plates. Bring out your inner head chef!

Sit at the table
Fast food sure is speedy. But that speed comes at a cost! Sitting at the table in an upright position will help taste buds savour every flavour. You can also improve posture by regularly sitting down to dine.

Luxury linens
High-quality tablecloths for restaurants, catering and weddings will bring some glamour straight to your own dinner table. Professional cloths are usually much larger and longer lasting.

Use quirky Plate Ware for Serving
Instead of white porcelain plates, why not try a sharing board? Slate or wooden serving platters are often used in trendy restaurants, plus they require less washing up! Mini metal buckets are a posh way to serve up a side of fries.

Picking out wine that compliments the food
It’s tempting just to choose whatever vintage is on special offer. Use an online sommelier to help match your evening meal to a delicious tipple. Always provide a glass of water alongside, for an authentic experience.

The Ambience
Think of a restaurant that you really enjoyed eating. What did you like? What could they have done better? Candles and a downtempo playlist are often used in restaurants for a romantic and cosy vibe. The calmer your surroundings, the more you can focus on the food.

Swap store brand for home made
Most of your favourite meals can be easily replicated. Rustic homemade pizzas not only look charming but are much healthier and fun to make. The same goes for pesto and pasta sauces. Follow a simple recipe and add in your favourite flavours.

Treat yourself to some Hors D’oeuvres
Do you always walk past the appetizers section at the store? Make it a priority to try something new. Olives and cured meats with bread is an easy yet delicious starter for any meal.