Seven Inspiring Trips to Take Before You’re 30

There are so many places to visit around the world. There’s hardly time to fit them into one lifetime. Here’s our list of inspiring trips to take before you’re 30.

1. America By Road
Arguably, the best way to experience the USA is by road. It opens up so many options that wouldn’t be possible via other modes of transport. If the thought of driving doesn’t appeal, then take a bus instead. Someone else can take the strain while you sit back and enjoy the view.

Plan some stops along the way to take in the towns and countryside. If you have the option, allow for a little flexibility to see where the day takes you.

2. European City Break
The appeal of the big city is a huge draw. Explore everything the Colosseum has to offer or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Seine. There are so many European cities to choose from; the challenge will be to narrow them down. Make sure you pack your getaway essentials and hop on a plane. Museums, galleries, restaurants, and romance. Europe has it all in abundance.

3. The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon that appears in the northern hemisphere. You can appreciate the lights at their best in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Northern Canada, and Scotland. Always check the likelihood of a sighting before you book. As with any natural phenomenon, they can be unpredictable.

4. Holiday In The Snow
Vacations to sunny climates are commonplace with regular flights to popular destinations. Experience something completely different by planning a holiday in a cold climate. Enjoy the brisk, snowy days and beautiful light of the Arctic Circle. If you’re sporty, take part in skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. Stay in a hotel made out of ice or a cozy log cabin in the Lappish wilderness.

On many trips specialist clothing and equipment can be provided. Check with your tour operator as to what you need to pack.

5. African Safari
Experience the raw beauty of the continent of Africa. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while observing wildlife in their own habitat. Always book through a reputable company to ensure your safety. For many people, this is a trip of a lifetime.

6. Romantic Holiday
If you have the opportunity, take a holiday with a significant other. Everything looks different when you’re in love. Colors are more vivid. People seem friendly, and the world looks wonderful. There’s nothing like a romantic break. Toss a few clothes in a suitcase and see where the trip takes you.

7. The Souk
A souk is an open air marketplace, often found in Northern African or Asian cities. You have to experience it to really understand the beauty of it. It is a feast for all the senses. You will be bombarded with visual delights, and the scents are out of this world. Think exotic spices and fragrances. Enjoy the hustle and bustle as you wander through the aisles.

Everyone’s bucket list is different. It can be difficult to fit in all the destinations you want to cover unless you travel for a living. Try to plan experiences instead. This will provide you with more options.