Eight Wedding Tips to make your Big Day Run Smoothly

If you’re planning a wedding, here’s some tips to ensure your big day runs smoothly!:

1. Provide information on the invitations – Getting married is one of the most important days of your life. You should be celebrating with your friends and family! Cut out the stress before and during your big day. Avoid repeating directions or advising guests on suitable wedding outfits. Outlining the plan for the day with instructions and expectations, and everybody will look after themselves.

2. Remember to delegate – A week before the wedding, call together your bridesmaids and family. Delegate responsibilities and chores from preparation, straight through to clean-up. You might also want to write a list of all the vendors contact details and hand it over to someone you trust. This way, if there are any issues, they can deal with it.

3. Pack your honeymoon bag – If you plan to go away on your honeymoon straight away, or within the next couple of days after your wedding, this is a must. The last thing you want to be thinking about a couple of days after your wedding day is packing. If everything is already ready to go then, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. If you are going straight after the wedding, why not throw it straight into the car?

4. Touch base with all your vendors – Just a couple of days before the big day, call around to all your vendors. Sometimes when you’ve booked months, even years in advance, it’s reassuring to touch base. They’ll have it on their calendar, but you’ll feel better knowing you’ve spoken to them.

5. Make peace with the weather – No matter how many times you refresh your weather app, you’ll never know how the weather is going to turn out for sure. The best thing you can do is just relax and let it be. Whatever happens, you’ll have a fantastic day.

6. Don’t forget your pain killers – Forgetting to pack paracetamol or ibuprofen could end up being the biggest mistake of your wedding day. Pesky headaches that can be banished by one pill could be one of the most frustrating things that mess up your day.

7. Bring comfortable shoes – Prancing down the aisle at midday in stilettos might feel like a good idea at the time. But as the evening goes on, and you’ve been on your feet all day, you might change your mind. Have a spare pair of comfortable shoes in your bag, behind the bar or in your hotel room. You can slip these on and hit the dance floor without getting sore feet!

8. Book everybody’s ride in advance – It’s funny how much planning goes into weddings, but guest transport is often forgotten. People forget about getting from the ceremony to the reception. There’s nothing worse than realizing all the taxis in the area are booked up. Also, if you’re having a big wedding, this might be a lot of people! Get a reliable and reasonable rate wedding bus rental to get your guests from A to B on your big day.

The trend here is never be last minute and remember to always organize. Most of all, enjoy!