Three Things We All Hate About Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to accessorize outfits and make a simple look go from drab to fab. On the whole, this handy accessory is great as it adds so much to fashion! But, nevertheless, it still isn’t perfect, and there are some little niggles I wish I could iron out when it comes to jewelry. Here are five things I’m sure we all hate about jewelry.

The High Price Tags
Sure, there are cheap pieces of jewelry out there in the shops, but the quality just isn’t good enough! If you want a ring or necklace that will stand the test of time and still shine brightly in a few years, you need to pay a lot. Especially if you want a piece that is decorated with precious stones and gems. This isn’t fair to students and low earners! However, there is one way you can find excellent quality jewelry at fair prices. You just need to shop online at sites like ELF-925. You may also find that buying in bulk cuts the price. So place a large order with your friends to bring the prices right down.

Cleaning Jewelry
No matter how good the quality of your items is, at some point or another, they will need to be cleaned. More often than not, this will only take a quick polish with a dry cloth. But if your bracelet is looking scuffed and has lost its shine, you may need to take some more action. Obviously, the easiest way to get your jewels cleaned is to take them to your local jeweler. If you want to save some money, though, you can try yourself at home. Silver can be brightened in water and a sensitive washing-up liquid. If something needs a really good clean, mix an Alka Seltzer in a bowl of water and give your item a quick rinse in the solution.

Clashing Styles
If you’re like me, you’ll have a whole jewelry box full of amazing pieces. The unfortunate thing is that you can’t wear them all at once! And that’s because jewelry acts just like pieces of clothing. Wearing jewelry needs some careful consideration. You need to be able to match your pieces so that you don’t end up stepping out of the house in clashing styles. Try not to clash colors and shades either. As a general rule, gold and silver jewelry shouldn’t be worn together. Unless you want to make a strong fashion statement, that is! Not sure which bracelets will match with certain rings? Have a quick flick through some fashion magazines for inspiration. See the kind of things the models in adverts are wearing and try to mimic these looks. Once you understand your individual pieces, you’ll find it easier to mix and match your whole jewelry collection!

Some days, you might find that wearing jewelry is an absolute pain. But you’ll quickly fall back in love with it on the good days! These may be three reasons why we hate jewelry, but there are so many more for loving it!