New Charms

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart” – Jane Austen

H&M cropped sweater & bag, Zara denim midi skirt, Winners shoes, Aldo pom pom key chain, Chapel hood scarf, Soufeel charms & bracelet (buy here)

Remember my original review of the Soufeel charms and bracelet here? Well, my bracelet has come a long way since then, with a few new charms added since last Christmas. I have also switched from the Basic Bangle to the Basic Bracelet, which is much more comfortable to wear. What I love about Soufeel charms versus other competitors is that their products adopt 925 sterling silver, Swarovski and colored gems as main raw materials. Also, because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you’re bypassing any additional costs, which makes their charms and bracelets so much more affordable.

Soufeel has a brand new collection for Spring 2016 and some of the charms are so pretty that it’s become increasingly difficult to resist! I especially love the Murano Glass Pink Flower and the Travel Car and Trailer Charm Set.