Jack black – men’s skincare products review

Following a realization that the personal care industry has often left men behind by focusing primarily on products for women, Curran Dandurand and her husband Jeff founded Jack Black skin care along with Emily Dalton in 2000. The goal of the company was to deliver high quality, convenient everyday grooming products just for men. Even though the personal care industry has been dominated from the beginning by the female demographic, there is an increasing demand for men’s products. After all, men want to look and feel their best just like women do. Because men generally prefer an easy, no-fuss routine, Jack Black has designed a simple to follow program just to the guys. Jack Black grooming products make it a snap to get great looking skin.

Moisture Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 – Natural Mint
Enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants, this emollient balm soothes and relieves dry, chapped, irritated lips. Unlike waxy sticks, it penetrates quickly to provide instant relief. Offers broad-spectrum sun protection with an SPF of 25; also guards against windburn and temperature extremes.

My Thoughts: This is slowly becoming my HG daily lip balm. Having always been a fan of mint flavours, I love the smell and scent. It taste a bit minty as well and leaves a cooling sensation on the lips. I can honestly say that after using this for a week, my lips are less chapped and less dry. Wearing this underneath any matte lip colour will prevent the lips from drying out. The only downside? The $9.00 CAD price tag.

Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser
This dual-purpose 2-in-1 liquid cleanser and toner removes deep-down dirt and oil, for clear, smooth, shave-ready skin. Works gently, without over-drying, to leave your complexion clean, hydrated and fresh.

My Thoughts: For its $39.00 CAD price tag, this cleanser is worth every penny because this bottle would probably last for at least 3 months; it’s massive. For lazy people like myself, this face wash doubles as a toner since it contains witch hazel that acts as a natural astringent with soothing properties. So I guess it’s It also contains organic chamomile and aloe leaf to help soothe and reduce redness, especially around my acne. However, what I love even more about this cleanser is that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. Though it has a “medicinal” scent, I personally don’t mind it. On top, All PureScience® formulas contain certified organic ingredients and are fragrance-free, paraben-free, and colorant-free.

All Day Oil-Control Lotion
This quick-penetrating, oil-free lotion provides long-lasting shine and oil control without over-drying. Superior micro-absorbers work instantly to absorb excess oil for a long-lasting matte complexion.

My Thoughts:
Upon using this product, I was initially impressed. It goes on very smooth and light, leaving no traces of residue. I do understand that this is supposed to be an oil-control lotion, but I find it to be way too light for the winter season. My skin still feels tight and dry even after using this so I would still need to top up with another moisturiser. Thus, I wouldn’t know if it’s actually oil-controlling. I will try this product again, probably during the warmer seasons, and see if the results would be more satisfying.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Jack Black men’s skincare line. I love how skincare products are not bias towards genders.