Demeter foolproof blending fragrance kit review

Nothing is more liberating than being able to customise anything to your heart’s desire. Demeter has given us the opportunity to customise our fragrances with these very easy duo and trio foolproof blending kits. I can honestly say, this is so fun that it’s highly addictive.

What I took away from look at the back of the box? There are NO rules! So basically, blend your scent until you get a scent the makes you smile. Ultimately, that’s what I tried to do with these kits.

Let’s begin with the Trio Vanilla kit, which includes the scents Hawaiian Vanilla, Ginger Bread and Angel Food. If you’re a fan of anything sweet and that reminds you of cakes, this kit is perfect for you. The flavours by itself is not too overwhelming or extremely sweet in particular. But with everything, moderation is key; thus, don’t over spritz otherwise you’ll be bathing in sweets.

Here are the combinations that I like the most:
Angel Food & Ginger Bread: 2 spritz of Angel Food and 1 sprit of Ginger Bread is my favourite combo because it’s just the perfect balance of a light vanilla scent mixed with ginger. It reminds me of Christmas morning.

Hawaiian Vanilla & Angel Food: 1 sprit of each makes for the perfect vanilla with a hint of pineapple, coconut and some floral notes. I think these two combines for a really soft tropical vanilla smell, which would be foolproof for the summer time.

Vanilla – Foolproof Blending Trio – Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food, Gingerbread $45.00

The Duo custom fragrance kit consists of Lavender and Jasmine, which are more natural in my opinion. I personally prefer the more floral smell around the home, especially in the bathroom, but not necessarily on me. This kit is great because it includes an empty bottle with funnel and droppers so you can great your own scent. I think this would have been such a great gift for someone because it’s like giving your own personalised scent.

I think the best mix between these two scents is one part Lavender and two part Jasmine. I really loved the Jasmine scent because it reminds me of jasmine tea so I preferred using that specific scent to air out the heavy Lavender. The Lavender smell is rather strong, so I prefer using just a tiny bit of it.

Foolproof Blending Duo – Jasmine and Lavender $35.00