My escape

“There’s something about music that makes me feel like a different person, that feels like an escape” – Tatiana Maslany

Old Navy sweater and skirt, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac purse, Target booties
Photos by Jess at iDream Photography

Do you ever play the same song over and over again? I mean, not for just an hour, but for a few days? Maybe I’m super sensitive to music, but sometimes when I hear the right tune with the right lyrics, I’m hooked. Then the need to put that song on all my music players only becomes the next logical thing to do. Perhaps this is what makes music so alluring. Music can bewitch; I can’t fathom at how many hours I’ve spent just sitting and listening to that one song in the background. Right now, that one song is Shattered by the Backstreet Boys. Even without Kevin, this song is still bomb.