Irresistible me royal remy hair extensions review

Choices are good and I think it should extend to hair as well. I love my lob; it’s so easy to style and maintain that I can just wake up and go out certain days. But, every now and then I do miss my longer locks because there are more styles to play with. I was asked by Irresistible Me to review the company’s product and select what I would like to try. I selected the Royal Remy Clip-In Extensions in 140 G weight and 16 inch length in the colour Chocolate Brown. Royal Remy is their premium line of clip-in hair extensions.

I had a difficult time deciding on the hair colour because I do have some coloured hair and some natural roots that has begun to grow out. However, after watching this video, I found the Chocolate Brown to be probably the most fitting for me since I don’t think I’ll be dying my hair anytime soon.

Next was deciding on the weight and length. Blair was really nice to be able to offer some insight into hair extensions. The weight (100g, 140g, 200g) refers to the total weight of the hair you will order without the clips attached. The thickness of the hair is relative to both the weight and the length you choose: a 14 inch 200g piece will look thicker than 24″ 200g, so you have to keep in mind a balance. For example: 14 inches of 200 grams and 24 inches of 200 grams will have the same weight but the 14 inches extensions will look super thick because of the length difference.

The basic rule with hair extensions is – the longer the hair, the bigger the weight should be selected.

The package arrived really quickly once I had received the confirmation. It came in a really nice, secure box and inside, the extension came in a see-through package, which made it easier to check whether it matches your hair or not.

What’s great about Irresistible Me is that you get to send them back if you’re not satisfied with the hair colour. Just make sure you only open the above section of the package only and then you’ll be able to return it to the company.

Once opened, you’ll realize that the hair is definitely of high quality. What’s great about these extensions is that they can be easily colored, cut, styled and curled to match your natural hair. My favourite part is how easy it is to actually clip them onto my hair. It takes very little time and if you follow this video, you can learn how it’s done step by step. Because I ordered the shorter inches with less weight, the extensions do not feel heavy on my head. Another tip, if you want to keep these extensions in top-notch quality, make sure you wash them with better quality shampoos. I highly recommend using an organic, all natural shampoo so it won’t dry out the hair.

Overall, these extensions are a great way to add some choices to my usual hair routine. The Royal Remy Clip-In Extensions starts at $129 USD and is made with 100% Human Indian Remy hair.