My wedding dress & other details

I’m continuing on my wedding series tonight with my dress and some details into my outfit during my wedding. (In case you missed all the previous wedding posts, feel free to get all caught up by clicking here). When I first got engaged, I knew I wanted my wedding to be 3 things: light, cozy and fun. I didn’t want all the fuss and stress that often accompany weddings. Thus, my outfit during the day needed to reflect this.

A lot of people didn’t believe me, but my wedding dress was actually from H&M Divided Black. (A Little trivia about myself, I used to work at H&M and still shops there avidly). It was one of those dresses that when I tried it on, I knew it was it. That was pretty much how I had shopped for my wedding: I trusted my gut and then had no regret. I’ve always loved H&M a-line dresses and unlike most wedding dresses, I can wear it again. My outwear was from Abercrombie Kids and my belt was from Bluenotes many seasons ago.

My earrings themselves were a story of their own. My best friend had actually given them to me on the day of my wedding. I opened the box and fell in love with the Sparkle Balls by Hillberg & Berk instantly. They are a Canadian company, from Saskatchewan actually, and the best friend told me that every girl in Saskatchewan has a pair.

As mentioned in my previous post, my ring is handmade by Boom of Metal Studio Thailand. A diamond may be forever, but terrorism, promiscuously funded, will be too.

I didn’t want fresh flowers because I wanted to keep my bouquet around. So I actually made my bouquet with some floral bushes from Michaels. I gathered them together with some floral tape and then wrapped a piece of burlap around it. Now this bouquet will never wilt and I can always have a piece of my wedding on display around my house. I also made Jeff’s boutonniere using remaining bushes from my bouquet and wrapped it with burlap to hold them together.

This purse American Eagle Outfitters was just the right size for my busy day. I needed something big enough to fit my makeup bag, cell phone, Instax camera, red pockets/wedding cards and other miscellaneous items when I was travelling from place to place. I was so thankful I went for this size and not anything smaller.

I also made our “Just Married” sign with a simple wooden board from Michaels and some Sharpie┬« Markers.

My nude flats are from Target, my favourite flats of all time. (I bought a few pairs for backup just before Target closed in Canada)

Photography: Kat Rizza
Location: Mel Lastman Square

Her Outfit:
Wedding Dress: H&M | Fur Coat: Abercrombie Kids | Belt: Bluenotes | Ring: Metal Studio Thailand | Bouquet: Michaels Craft | Bag: America Eagle Outfitters | Shoes: Target

His Outfit:
Shirt: H&M | Leather Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Boutonniere: Michael’s Arts and Craft