I’m married! It still gives me the chills every time I say that out loud. Our wedding day was actually perfect. I didn’t expect it to be but every little piece just fell perfectly into its place. From the simple ceremony, to the creative photo shoot, to the intimate venue…nothing was short of perfection. I can’t wait to share more photos and inspirations with you all in my next few wedding posts.
PS, my ring was beautifully handmade by Boom of Metal Studio Thailand. For those who are looking for non-traditional wedding rings, I highly recommend her service because not only are her rings stunning, her customer service is also topnotch.

  • Congrats Emily! You look beautiful and it looks like your wedding was a unique experience :) I would also like to have an intimate wedding if that day ever comes :p haha.

  • Congrats!!! And that is indeed a lovely ring ~~!! ^_^

  • congrats! i love unique rings and i especially love intimate receptions. having worked weddings for a long time now, intimate receptions are my favorite. xo best wishes!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, I agree, intimate receptions are so much easier to handle and less unnecessary stress :)