I’m getting married

Yes, surprise! I am getting married in less than a month’s time. It wasn’t really my our intention to keep everything so secretive and under wraps. Both my fiancĂ© (it’s still weird to address him as that) and I are both very intimate people. We have a small group of close friends who we want to celebrate our special day with. We think that sometimes the whole idea of a wedding completely consumes the true meaning of a marriage and we wanted to deviate from that. Jess from iDream Photography really did an amazing job with these photos. I never intended on doing any engagement photos but as destiny would have it, we randomly chose a white dress during our last photo session. What are the chances?
PS, I had a vision for our invitations and the fiancĂ© designed and digitalized it for me. If you’re in a hunt for a designer for your invitations, let me know and I can give you a quote! (Click here)