Thefaceshop clean face products for acne prone skin review

This is my first review post for Canadian Beauty Bloggers network and I am happy that it’s for one of the top Korean brands that’s making their way into the western market. I don’t think much introduction is needed for THEFACESHOP since there’s at least one store inside every mall now. I was sent this trio to test out on my acne-prone skin for the past month: the Clean Face Acne Solution Foaming Cleanser, Clean Face Mild Toner and Clean Face Oil-Free Moisturizing Cream For Acne-Prone Skin. You can scroll down below to hear my thoughts of each product.

Clean Face Acne Solution Foaming Cleanser ($15 CAD)
This Clean Face Cleansing Foaming offers you a radiant and even complexion by eliminating the impurities that can clog pores. Enriched with tea tree oil, it helps reduce the appearance of imperfections and eliminates excess sebum. Simply wet face and apply to hands and lather with water. Then you can gently massage face and rinse thoroughly.

I really like the feeling that this product leaves on your skin, which is a squeaky clean feeling without stripping the moisture completely. I actually really enjoy this cleanser because it’s mild and effective. The texture is very similar to the Shiseido White Lucent one, which I adore! The smell isn’t too over powering since it is very gentle. Does the cleanser help to reduce the appearance of imperfections? Very minimal but it does do a great job at eliminating excess sebum for sure.

Clean Face Mild Toner ($15 CAD)
The Clean Face toner clarifies skin tone and gives your skin its natural glow. Enriched with tea tree oil, it completes the cleansing process while refreshing skin and eliminating excess sebum. You can apply morning and/or evening with a cotton pad on clean skin. Then I like to tap lightly with my fingertips for full absorption. You can definitely smell the tea tree oil in this product, so if you don’t like that smell, you should stay away from it.

This is very similar to the previous product in that it’s very gentle on the skin. It doesn’t sting or cause any discomfort and yet my skin feels very refresh and clean. However, I prefer toners that gives me skin a little sting because is it weird for me to think that it’s more effective? I’m not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but I find that when a toner gives a little bit of a string, the results are more significant. Thus, this toner is only okay for me. On another note, I especially love the packing on this because it’s made out of glass and has a good weight to it.

Clean Face Oil-Free Moisturizing Cream For Acne-Prone Skin ($15 CAD)
This cream offers you an even and flawless looking complexion! Enriched with tea tree oil, it helps eliminate excess sebum and reduces the appearance of imperfections by hydrating the epidermis. This cream can be applied daily in the morning and/or evening at the end of your skin care ritual.

I’ll have to admit this is my least favorite product out of the three. It has a similar smell to the toner because the tea tree smell is prominent. I do find this cream to be extremely hydrating, but a little too thick for my liking. This is especially annoying during the hotter, summer months. On top, I’m pretty sure that this product broke me out pretty badly when I first started using it.

Overall, I find this line of THEFACESHOP products to be only okay. None of them really stood out too much for me. If you’re looking for something that’ll dramatically heal your imperfections, then these products will not do the trick. (Maybe I need more than a month’s time?) But if you want something that is very light, mild and hydrating on the skin, then maybe trying this line will be fitting for you. The prices are also not too bad, considering that each item is merely $15.
Product (2/5)
Cost (4/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5)