Herbal essences wild naturals detoxifying kit review

Unleash a force of nature with the Wild Naturals Detoxifying Bundle Kit. Experience an abundance of lush ingredients, all packed into a wildly different hair care collection that reveals your hair’s pure softness. The kit includes Wild Naturals Detoxifying Shampoo, Conditioner, and Intensive Treatment for truly clean, nurtured, and healthy hair. It’s everything you need for refreshed, luscious locks.
The enriching properties of our most precious Cassia ingredient have been used in Eastern cultures for centuries. Deep in the lush forests of India, the Cassia seed is harvested by hand once a year at the peak of ripeness. Then enliven your senses with the invigorating scent of Thai lemon basil while this detoxifying formulas gently nurture and deeply purify your hair. Let the strong, bright lemony scent of Thai lemon basil transport you to faraway lands, to leave you feeling energized and totally clean.

Deeply clean and unleash the pure you with the Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Detoxifying Shampoo. Our shampoo is formulated with active Cassia and wraps you up in a fresh fragrance. Protect your hair’s natural protein while leaving your hair clean and strengthened against damage.

Renew and nurture those luscious locks with the Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Detoxifying Conditioner. Its serum-infused formula gently renews your locks, giving you touchable hair.

Follow up with our intensive treatment from Herbal Essences’ Detoxifying Collection for deep conditioning. It deeply protects your precious strands with every dose, keeping damage at bay and frizz away.
It’s always around this time of the year when I like to use detoxing shampoos and conditioners because the sun and the heat are a terrible combo for my hair. The first thing you’ll notice once you open the package is the scent. It has a very pleasant and herbal scent and thus, it’s very strong. It’s not your typical shampoo smell since it leans more being herbal than a sweet scent. If you don’t like strong smelling shampoo, then this product is not for you. The product sizes are around the same size as any travel shampoo. Thus, it’s great for anyone who’s on the go. Now onto each of the products:

Shampoo: This is definitely a clarifying shampoo that cleans away any styling product and any hair product residue. What I really like about the shampoo is that it doesn’t overly strip my hair of moisture and yet, I still get a “squeaky” clean hair feel.

Conditioner: This is a lightweight conditioner but I don’t really care much for it. I don’t find it to be anything spectacular. I applied it mostly towards the middle/ends of my hair.

Treatment: This is my favorite product out of the 3 because it’s a thick intense treatment for my damaged ends. It’s great to re-moisturize the ends after using the shampoo that’s from this kit. My hair feels so soft after using this product and you can definitely see the difference between using this treatment versus just the conditioner.

Overall, I will use this product again but not as a daily regiment. The clarifying shampoo is awesome and I plan to use it once a week along with the intense treatment. I probably will not bother with the conditioner since it’s not anything special to me.

Product (4/5)
Cost (4/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5)