Best possible eyebrows enhancements solutions

We are all familiar with the ever persistent and ever rising demand of looking good and maintaining our features like smile, eyes, nose etc. Women (and men) all around the globe are always trying hard to correct their facial and bodily appearance. From perfect eyebrows to perfect eyelashes, people are grooming themselves like never before. And ever since the world glanced at Cara Delavigne’s eyebrows, the craze for such full and shaped brows has only grown.

There are many solutions available for all those who seek eyebrow enhancement. Few of the best possible solutions to thinning eyebrows are listed below. The solutions differ in cost, kind and in terms of the time period for which they last.

Semi- Permanent Eyebrows:
This procedure refers to the use of semi-permanent makeup to fill in the eyebrows and give them the desired perfect shape. The semi- permanent solution lasts for anywhere in between 8 months to about 18 months. Under the procedure professionals induce pigmentations into the dermal layer of the skin. These pigments make the eyebrows appear full and also grant them a perfect shape. The pigments wear off over a long period of time and are hence a semi permanent eyebrows solution to eyebrow thinning.

Eyebrow Tattooing:
People usually assume that semi-permanent makeup and tattooing are both the same thing. Well not always. Tattooing may differ from semi- permanent makeup since the latter is applied with the use of specifically designed machines which differ from tattoo machines. Also the pigments used may differ. However, they both produce results that last for a few months.

Filling in Eye Brows with Pencils/ Makeup:
Another way that an individual can achieve desired eyebrow breath, depth and shape is by using eyebrow pencils or similar make up products. Filling out one’s natural eyebrows to cover the gaps or the thinned down region with hairs is a job that needs to be done on a daily basis. Most of the pencils will wash off in a day, while some may disappear quickly. But for those who are wary of permanent/ semi-permanent solutions can use these makeup products and get the job done.

WUNDERBROW is aproduct that lies somewhere in the middle of permanent make- up solutions and the daily task of filling in eyebrows with brow pencils. This is a kind of semi permanent solution to eyebrow perfection. The product is formulated with the combination of the Permafix technology and a Hair Fiber complex. The formula of the product mixes both pigments as well as hair like fibers to provide a natural looking semi- permanent eyebrow solution. The hair-like fibers (treated with pigmentations) have the ability to stick to the skin and already existing eyebrow hair. All that a person needs to do is apply the solution in the desired shape and the job gets done in a fraction of minutes. The result is not only natural to look at, but is also flexible and smooth and there is no feeling of tightness or hardness.