Yazbukey x shu uemura poreraser uv under base mousse in beige review

For pores and oilness concerns looking for a weightless love that is never our of control? A new era light and thin mousse, 3 in 1 complex control POREraser for pore less finish, even complexion, and long lasting visibly reduce pores and shine.

SPF 35 PA +++
Available in 2 shades – beige and pink
Apply onto a clean and fresh face prior to makeup application.

The POREraser UV Under Base Mousse, in both shades, are part of Shu Uemura’s permanent makeup base collection. I just have the version that has been repackaged for the Yazbukey collection. This specific UV Under Base Mousse is designed for oil control, which I find to work perfectly. I love how my skin feels so pore-less and oil-less all throughout the day. Plus, it has SPF, which is perfect for me since I wear SPF consistently.

The one I have here is beige, and this is the texture of once it’s dispensed out of the can. It is a fluffy mousse that settles very quickly into a light fluid, which then can be easily worked into your skin.

After a few seconds, it’ll dry completely and settle very nicely into the skin. I have the product placed on the part of my skin that’s closer to my thumb. It has a smooth finish and it’s amazing! This product has got to the be the BEST foundation base that I’ve tried to date. It’s like having a sunscreen that controls your oil and reduces your pore all at the same time!
Now let me show you something really cool that Ludovic Engrand (MAKE UP ARTIST AND PR MANAGER of Shu Uemura) showed us during the Shu event in Toronto a few months ago.

This amazing base can also make your eyeshadows more vibrant! Look at the difference in the eyeshadow colour with this base under it! There’s only 1 downside of this product, which is why I don’t “LOVE” it: the price! It retails for $46 CAD and the bottle is very small. I want to use this product on a daily basis, but at this cost, I simply cannot afford to do so.

Product (5/5)
Cost (4/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (5/5)