Thicker hair is possible with l’oreal fibralogy (review)

The Shampoo – A gentle cleansing base whose texture spreads easily and evenly for effective, lasting cleanliness.
The Thickening Booster – Ultra-concentrated pre-conditioning booster instantly increases the substance inside the hair.
The Conditioner – A velvety soft texture that is easily spreadable from roots to ends and softens the hair fibre.

The Shampoo – Innovation: Filloxane / Substance creation: Filloxane penetrates and diffuses in the hair fibre. Hair expands from within
The Thickening Booster – Ultra-concentrated: Filloxane, a molecule proven to increase the section of the hair fibre, is available at a concentrated dose in this thickening booster.
The Conditioner – Cumulative action: the substance remains in the fibre and increases application after application. Hair becomes progressively thicker.
The system works best when all 3 products are used together. Start with the shampoo, then the thickening booster and finish it off with the conditioner. I especially love the Thickening Booster, I’ll go more into details below.
I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical at first of actually believing that a shampoo and conditioner can actually make my hair thicker. But boy, was I wrong! Let’s get inside the science of it first. The exclusive Fibralogy technology allows Filloxane, a multi-talented actives ingredient that has the ability to switch from liquid state to a solid state, in its liquid state to deeply penetrate the hair fiber from the inside-out and from root to tip. Inside the hair fiber, Filloxane molecules create internal multi-connections creating a new hair substance. Scientifically proven – Filloxane adheres to the hair fiber and remains inside it for up to 10 shampoos for long lasting, cumulative action.

These 3 little products are going to change your life, well your hair. You’re supposed to see results after 5 washes, but I only noticed dramatic difference after about 10 washes and with the use of the Booster. I tried just using the shampoo and conditioner, but with the Booster together, it made a huge difference. Start with the shampoo, then after washing it out, add the Booster all over your hair and DO NOT rinse! Then apply the conditioner and rinse out both the booster and the conditioner. Over about a week’s time, you’ll wake up with much fuller hair.

Here are the photos! The result is extremely noticeable with my short hair. I don’t have any products in my hair nor any styling. I simply woke up and my hair is full and voluminous. You know what’s the best part? The whole range of Fibralogy hair care line is available at your local drugstore and Walmart. I’ve even seen it on sale for only $5 CAD per bottle.

Product (5/5)
Cost (5/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (5/5)

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but opinions are my own**

  • As far as inexpensive drugstore haircare goes, I’ve always really like L’Oreal’s offerings. I was totally into the Arginine Resist line when that came out a few years ago. Haven’t had the chance to try this one yet but sometimes I almost wish they’d stop updating so frequently. It’s like… I JUST got into this one and you want me to get into a NEW one?! LOL

    • OMG I totally understand what you mean! It’s just so hard to keep up because there are always new products coming out. But I completely agree, I love L’Oreal hair products!