FaceQ Ellagic Acid Brightening and Firming Mask Review

This week, Fashion Magazine asked the Beauty Panelists which face masks have earned regular spots in our skincare regimen. It’s safe to say that face masks have fully integrated themselves into our skincare routine. Gone are the days of occasional DIY masks made of stuff from our fridge! These days, face masks make regular appearances in the form of sheets, gels and clay. Continue reading to find out which masks I prefer.

Like any painters who can appreciate a fresh canvas, our face also needs to be prepped regularly. I find that the best way to keep your skin fresh is to apply a sheet mask, at least, on a weekly basis. I have tried sheet masks from many brands from many different countries, but I still go back to this one by FaceQ because of its wide range of sheet masks for any skin imperfections. This brand of sheet masks are from Taiwan and is created by the same company as My Beauty Diary. What is so unique about these masks is that they use only pure and natural ingredients with no artificial coloring agent. The mask sheet is made 100% wood pulp which allows more water and essence retention compared to normal mask sheets. On top, this specific mask that I have on, Ellagic Acid Brightening and Firming Mask, has an extra section on the bottom that treats the neck as well. Lastly, these masks are super affordable at your local Asian supermarkets.
Product Used: FaceQ Ellagic Acid Brightening and Firming Mask

  • This mast packaging look so cute!! But I dont’ remember seeing them in Singapore though. I only saw MyBeautyDiary mask.

    • Really? I remember I first purchased mine when I was visiting Hong Kong

      • Really? hmmm probably I didn’t notice it when I was in HK. :( Bugger, shall hunt of it here. :D