Camera lenses for your iphone/smart phone from tmart

As a photographer, I am guilty of not always carrying my DSLR around with me because of its weight and size. Sometimes my handy iPhone is all I need since the quality of the camera has greatly improved in the recent years. But sometimes when my phone is not enough, I like to carry these little universal 3-1 lenses to maximize my photos.

So what are these lenses? Think of these like a little add-on to your phone’s camera. You can easily switch out the camera lenses and the clip makes it really easy to put onto your phone. The clip has a soft coding so it’ll not damage your phone.
Fish-eye Lens: 180 degrees
Material: Metal High-quality Aluminum
Glass Lenses: Multi-coated Optical Glass
Magnificatons: 0.67X Wide
Lens: (7 x 2 x 2.5)cm / (2.76 x 0.79 x 0.98)”(L x W x Dia)
Weight: 56 g / 1.98 oz
Color: Black
Compatiable with: iPhone/iPad, Samsung, HTC, Tablet PC, Laptops

This is how the clip looks like and the lenses are small and interchangeable. The macro and wide angle lenses are together and the fish-eye one is on its own. They can be clipped onto your phone like this:

It can also be clipped onto the front camera so your selfie can fit more people! Are you ready to see the results? Please keep in mind that both photos are taken at the exact spot. One is with normal iPhone lens and the other is with the add-on lens.

Pretty cool right? You can definitely see the huge difference in the second photo. The angle of the photos are definitely wider and distorted. I also love the macro lens because it can get so close to the canvas bag and still be in focused.

Another great advantage is that all the lenses are small and easy to carry around. Slip them inside the pouch that comes with the lenses and you can easily put them in your purse. You know what else is outstanding about this product? It’s currently on SALE on TMart for only $8.99 CAD! On top of that the online store also offers fast and FREE shipping to Canada. This is a must get product if you love taking photos with your phone!