Lens village geo fresh grey circle lens review

Disclaimer: These lens were send to me by Lens Village for review purposes, which means that I do not monetary compensation for it. Everything I say about these lens are of my 100% opinion.
The black rim Geo Fresh Grey lens fits your eyes perfectly making them look bigger and attractive. Available in two colors brown and grey, these lenses won’t tire your eyes. On the contrary they would keep them looking fresh throughout the day. With a 14mm diameter and 8.60mm base curve they snugly fit your eyes. At only $19.50 you can get the astonishing look for your eyes that you always wanted.
Diameter : 14.2mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : 0.00 to -7.00
Manufacturer : GEO Medical

I am thoroughly in love with these circle lenses. I think from previous experiences, I tend to love Geo lenses the best. Not only are they the most comfortable, but they are also the most natural. I can wear these on a daily basis and to work without bringing too much attention to my eyes. Unlike other lenses, these ones can be worn without any makeup and you wouldn’t risk looking too “alien” looking. However, my eyes look slightly larger and more lustrous. It still has the ability to make my eyes more dolly, which I love.

These lenses are yearly disposable, however, I personally wouldn’t wear them for more than a month. They are so worth the $19.50 USD!

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  • Andrea Maria Carrion

    Would they fit me if my eyes are 8.7 diameter?

  • ohmylens OhJinna

    They look really gorgeous! * ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡

  • Lulu

    Hey Emily! Thanks for the review, I’ve recently got used to wearing Dailies and always wanted to try circle lenses, but my eye doctor advise against it. What are you precaution about circle lenses? I.e wear only for 30 days. Any what other GEO favourites are yours? Thanks!

    • I would suggest not wearing them for a full year even though they are advertised as being able to. One month tops and I generally don’t wear contacts every single day. Try to give your eyes some rest and some oxygen :)