3 new olay products that I’ve been loving & a giveaway!

I am really happy today that I get to share some of my new favorite products from Olay. Being a huge skincare addict, I’m always on the search for new, innovative products and Olay has just that. And guess what? One lucky Canadian reader will win all 3 of these products! So stay tune until the very end of this post to find out how you can win!

Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask Gel Moisturizer
Unlike a typical peel-off mask, this gel-based mask absorbs into the surface of the skin throughout the night revealing bright, pearlescent-looking skin.

Formulated with vitamin B3, mulberry extract, and humectants, it helps to brighten and even skin tone over time. Hydrate your skin while you sleep and try Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask.

-Hydrates skin overnight
-Gel-based mask absorbs throughout the night
-Formulated with vitamin B3, mulberry extract, and humectants

Sleeping mask is not something that is new in the Asian skincare market. However, I am really happy to see it slowly venture into the Western hemisphere. This Olay Overnight Mask Gel Moisturizer is super quenching and very lightweight, since it’s made out of gel. The gel cream absorbs very quickly into my skin and gives my skin a very nice glow instantly. It creates a fine film over the skin to prevent the fact from losing moisture throughout the night. Within a week of usage, I definitely notice the change in my skin; it feels more soft and luminous.
Around $40.00 CAD – Available now at your local department and drugstores

Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil
Lightweight and non-greasy, this naturally derived facial oil is designed to work with your skin to protect against moisture loss and preserve balance. It also conditions skin to smooth the texture and even tone, and it brings a surge of hydration to nourish dull, dry skin.

Its naturally derived blend is made of coconut, apricot kernel, grape seed extract, sunflower, evening primrose, sesame, jojoba, babassu, and mimosa oils. Reveal your radiance to the world with Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil.

-Hydrates skin to reveal an instant, luminous glow
-9 enriched natural oils instantly nourish dull, dry skin
-Absorbs quickly to instantly hydrate and balance skin

Can you believe this is the first facial oil that I’ve ever tried? One of the reason why I delayed in my experience with facial oils is the fact that I’ve always scared to have oil on my face without washing it off. Maybe it’s because my skin is naturally so oily to begin with. However, this facial oil has changed some of my views. Though it’s suggested that we use this product both in the AM and PM, I personally wouldn’t use it in the morning. Yes, it’s fast absorbing and doesn’t really feel super oily on my skin, but my natural oil on my face during the day does not mix well with this product. (If you have dry skin, then you’ll definitely love this product for both AM & PM!) I prefer to use it at night after my moisturizer and work it into my skin until everything is absorbed. It’s perfect in the drier season because it keeps my skin really stays hydrated throughout the night. However, I’ll probably be leaving this item on the shelf during the summer, when my skin gets more oily.
Around $40.00 CAD – Available now at your local department and drugstores

Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin Spot Zinger! 2-in-1 Acne Spot Treatment
Zap spots in their tracks with Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin Spot Zinger 2-in-1 Salicylic Acid Acne Spot Treatment.

This acne spot treatment improves the look of blemishes in just 10 minutes with it’s fine tip that lets you to target blemishes individually to instantly treat and blur. Formulated with 2% salicylic acid to treat acne, it also contains beautifiers to instantly improve skin’s appearance.

-Dermatologically tested, oil-free and non-comedogenic
-Infused with the essences of citrus and mint

This product is such a life-saver for those stubborn and spontaneous acne spots. After cleansing, simply apply the treatment directly to any blemishes that arise and massage in to instantly battle and blur acne. What I love the most about this product, besides the fact that it’s effective, is that it doesn’t sting or irritates the skin. Even though it has 2% salicylic acid, my skin is not dried out by it. I also can’t help but fall in love with the citrus and mint essences that gives a fresh feeling to my senses. If you’ve tried any of the other Olay Fresh Effects product, I’m sure you’ll recognize the scent!
Around $12.00 CAD – Available now at your local department and drugstores
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