Get smooth legs for valentine’s day with gillette venus swirl razor

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s just as important to have smooth legs as it is finding the perfect dress to wear for that night. Let’s face it…we can all get a little lazy with shaving our legs during the winter. So Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pay a little extra attention to your legs. No matter what your plans are, the new Venus Swirl razor contours over curves for flawless skin so you can feel your best!

What sets the Venus Swirl apart?
-FLEXIBALL technology offers a totally unique movement, allowing the razor to move in multiple directions to navigate all of the tricky areas of a woman’s body (You can see my reflection in the flexiball! Haha!)
-Five Contour Blades cut hair at a lower cutting force, have thinner, finer edges – the thinnest in Gillette’s history – and individually adjust to your every curve
-Water activated MoistureGlide Serum surrounds the blades for an incredible glide
-A Microfine Comb guides hair to blades, capturing virtually every hair

So what do I think about this new razor?
I LOVE IT! Aside from the fact that it’s purple (one of my favorite colours) and has 5 blades (I cannot survive with anything less) but the Flexiball really allows the razor to easily navigate every part of my legs because it can move from side to side. It has no problem getting all the hair at the back of my calves and also near the ankle parts of my legs. I always find those parts to be the hardest to tackle.
Additionally, I love how it has the MoistureGlide Serum around the blade, which means no shaving cream required! My legs feel so smooth after each shave! But if you tend to lay our razors down flat on your tub or on a shelf, don’t lay it down with the blade facing down. I did that once and once the Serum dries, it sticks to the surface. Don’t worry, it’s easy to remove, but of course it gave me a scare when I found it “stuck” on my shelf.
It comes with two replaceable heads, which ensure at least 2 months of shaves. (I personally like to change blades every month if I’m using the razor on a regular basis). The Venus Swirl will be available on February 9th at Walmart in-store and online at