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November 15, 2014

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I couldn’t resist buying these two cell phone cases! I waited a few months to absorb in all the cuteness of these cases prior to using them…HAHA, I’m joking. Okay…I’m not! :) First of all, I support official merchandises. So even if there’s other versions of the case on sites such as eBay, I personally will not buy those for 2 reasons: 1) The quality is not as good as the real thing and 2) being an artist, I know how much time and effort are placed into every piece of artwork.

These two phone cases were around $25 CAD plus shipping. Thus, pretty hefty for phone cases. But if you’re a Sailor Moon enthusiast like myself, then nothing else matters. They are great quality cases with amazing packages. The rubber is not like most cases iPhone cases, it’s much more durable and less bendable. It covers my phone perfectly and protects it with every drop.

You can still purchase the pink case on YesAsia, most other websites have already been sold out. If you’re interested in other Sailor Moon products, I suggest visiting this site to see more items.