Anytime is #GameTime with Mattel

I probably speak on behalf of many people who are in their 20’s when I say that we are busy creatures and time is always running low. Aside from being a teacher, I also write articles for this blog and manage my store on the side. Thus, once in a while it’s good to have some R&R. It’s not a secret that I love playing board games. (See my last game post with Mattel here). A great way to wind down a busy week for me, is to simply have a night in. But even if you plan on going out, these Mattel games, make game time anytime.

Who doesn’t love some UNO fun? Portable and great entertain for 2 to 10 people. This little game can be slipped into your purse and can go anywhere you go! Here’s a little tip: I like to add 2 decks together if I play with more than 5 people because it makes it so much more fun!

This is another favourites of mine from my childhood…Mad Gab! You and your teammates have 30 seconds to sound out three puzzles. For example…”ASK RUDE ARRIVE HER”. Do you “hear” the answer? A SCREWDRIVER! I’ll let you in in on a little secret: even years of playing this game, I still suck at it.

Big Picture Apples to Apples Game will prove that a picture is worth 1000 words? And a million laughs! It’s family friendly and everyone will be able to make hilarious comparisons by playing outrageous picture cards.

I save the best for last…Bounce Off! is definitely my favourite of the bunch. Maybe there’s just something about bouncing balls that reminisce my childhood or some other unexplained reasons, but whatever they might be, I love this game. It’s simple, flip over a challenge card to determine the pattern you must attempt, then race to recreate it by bouncing balls into the grid. The first to complete the pattern wins the card and the first to earn 3 cards wins the game.

I won many times againist the boyfriend :)
Finally, check out this amazing video of shoppers in Canada who were in for a surprise: Mattel Games transformed what looked like a regular poster into a live game that offered surprise Pictionary challenges – and even more unexpected prizes. Truly #GameTimeCAN!