Akashiro japanese restaurant + bar: a terrible experience

Every once in a while, I get thoroughly angry/upset/disappointed at something that I have the urge to express those feelings on here. Unfortunately, for the restaurant, today is one of those days. For those of you who follow my on my other social media, you’ve already gotten the main bit of the story. But I can’t help but share my experience here too…so here it is…

So basically, this restaurant at the Eaton Center is pure sh*t. I did a little background information about this restaurant and here is what I could find: This is the store’s main website and on it, it says Akashiro provides their customers with wide range of foods including healthy and delicious meals at lunch time and transforms itself to casual drink bar at night time. Akashiro is also an affiliate to Sushi – Q which is a famous Japanese food franchise in Canada. (So it’s very interesting to hear that they are affiliated with a very big Japanese food franchise in Canada)
Okay, so let me start my story. First, they were highly understaff. I went on a Wednesday night, so I do understand if you’re a little understaff. But considering that you’re in the heart of downtown Toronto, don’t you think having one waiter and one hostess is too little? Anyways, the one male waiter could hardly speak English was in charge of more than 10 tables and another girl, who’s only function from what I could see was to hand out the food and to sit new customers down. (Problem #1)
Next, We ordered our food and then 30 minutes in, nothing. Not even our tea was given to us. We ordered a bottle of beer too (They had Heiniken on the menu but they said they didn’t sell it so we had to get another brand), but that didn’t arrive either. We asked the girl waiter, TWICE, kindly for the food, and she was clueless. We also asked you should at least give us tea and our beer, but it never came. (Problem #2)
Here comes the kicker…finally, after 45 minutes, the male waiter came and said something along the lines of “Sorry your order sheet that I wrote down what you had order got wet…so what did you order?” This meant that after 45 minutes, he only noticed that he was missing our orders NOW? And you didn’t bother telling us? Plus, we only ordered 4 dishes (Unagi Don, Sexy Roll, Dynamite Roll and Natsu Set) really it was that hard for you to remember that? I thought waiters needed to have superb memory. I guess he really didn’t know how to be a waiter. (Problem #494857908450)
You thought I was done? Oh no…another problem arrived! Then I asked to speak to the manager and the waiter replied with “there’s no manager”! Hahaha! No wonder the place is falling apart, no one manages the place. So I asked for a business card…but guess what? It took him another 5 minutes to find me a business card! Wow! (Problem #98529859845904285)
And all this happened while I was in a rush to watch a Wicked, the musical which was AMAZING! Yeah this place is banned! We walked out of the restaurants and didn’t even bother to try the food because according to Yelp and Urban Spoon, I’m not missing on much. This place got terrible reviews.

Have you had ridiculous experiences at a restaurant before?

  • Wow, talk about crappy service! I think the only bad experience I’ve had in a restaurant is when the waitress tried to force a big tip by bringing back change in large bill denominations. Hope it didn’t spoil Wicked for you!

    • Sighh…I even tried contacting their head office of Sushi Q but no respond from them at all about this incident. Luckily, it didn’t spoil Wicked for me! That musical is pure magic! :)