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Many of you probably already know, but I’m the biggest Sailor Moon fan. So of course, when Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary arrived, I know I had to stalk up on their official merchandises. And if you’ve seen some of my posts on Instagram, then you’ll know that the boyfriend has helped me ordered a lot of the official Sailor Moon goodies. (Thank you boyfriend for always spoiling me!) Also, please note that if you want to buy these products, I suggest you get them ASAP because not only are they limited edition, but they sell out very quickly as well. I promised that I would do some reviews of all the products that I bought…so here is the first post on these very cute mini tote bags.

The mini totes can be carried with a shoulder strap, there’s a clear compartment where you can use your smartphone while it’s still in the bag! Very convenient to carry other small items like money or cosmetics. Yes, the tote bag is very small but I really like it. Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards smaller bags because it’s just such a hassle to carry so much stuff around.

Each tote retails for 2,100 yen, which is around $25 CAD. But most websites will sell them for a bit more. It comes in 3 different styles: Crystal Star Brooch, Sailor Senshi and Luna and Artemis. It was scheduled for release back in May 2014.

My boyfriend ordered both style for me, but I love the Crystal Star Brooch one the best because of its classic Sailor Moon design. It’s very recognizable. Plus, it stands out so nicely with any outfit. It fits my iPhone, a compact, cash/credit cards, keys and I’m ready to go.
You can still purchase these mini totes on YesAsia, most other websites have already been sold out. If you’re interested in other Sailor Moon products, I suggest visiting this site to see more items.