Purse review: ELA editor’s metallic stud pouch in silver

I am very happy to announce a new series that I will be launching on THISWASFOREVER. After some positive response on my social media and a few weeks to gather my thoughts together, it seems like many of you are interested in reviews of my handbags collection. I want to start this segment on my blog to help those of you who are contemplating on buying certain designer brands, to better understand your options and choices. I can’t guarantee how often these posts will be up because they do take a huge amount of time to complete.

So here is the first post of my Purse Review series. I decide to start this series with a brand that I have only come to love in the past year, ela. The basis of ela, an accessories brand co founded by Ela and Martin Aldorsson (CANADIANS!), is the idea of humble luxury, where refined and sophisticated silhouettes strive to showcase, rather than upstage, the wearer. From subtle asymmetry to luxe hardware and leather, every design element is infused with a high level of craftsmanship, materials and a signature aesthetic. All ela bags and leather goods are crafted in Spain using premium leather and hardware.

Name: Editor’s Metallic Stud Pouch In Silver
Brand: ela
Size: 11″ width, 8.5″ height
Where to Buy: ela website, Holt Renfrew, eluxe.ca

Exterior: The exterior of this bag is a silver metallic colour that is made of 100% leather. The studded leather features an etched logo and cute lock/unlock icons. It was also designed by a Canadian duo, and crafted in Spain using top quality leather. It came with a zipper closure to ensure that everything stays in place. I don’t like how easily the the exterior can be scratched, so make sure you store it properly and make sure it’s not at the bottom of your closet. Also, finger prints will be common against the metallic silver exterior.

Interior: As you can tell from the photo above, the interior is of a purple lining. Since the bag itself is flat, it can look very bulky if you put too much item inside. My wallet, cell phone, lip balm and keys are probably all that can fit inside this bag.

Functionality: This is definitely not a “hands-free” bag since it is a clutch.

Weight: Very light since it is a small clutch.

Price: $198 CAD is the retailed price. Just a tip: I would suggest following ela on Instagram to find out when the brand is having warehouse sales in Toronto. That’s how I picked up this clutch for a portion of its price.

Other Things that I Like about this Bag: This standout clutch doubles as a case for your iPad or e-reader. It matches with everything and can make any outfit that much edgier.

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