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July 31, 2014

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Red can be seen in many pictures taken by a San Francisco wedding photographer and on many dresses created by some Parisian designer. It is the color of lust and of the sexiest lips ever known to our planet. I’m talking about the red lips, as the symbol of sexuality, femininity and beauty. If you only think about how many celebrities are wearing the classic red lipstick on the red carpet, it comes to you that the whole concept is just huge. The red lips are the most loved in the art of makeup, they’re simply timeless.

Think about Dita von Teese, Gwen Stefani, Kirsten Dunst, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Christina Aguilera. All these extremely famous women have in common one thing. The red lips define them. It is not only a lipstick decision, it is a style and basically, a religion. The celebrity list regarding the red love just goes on and on. Those who are not wearing it every time you see them on TV, at least did it once.

There is something universally sexy about this specific color, when it comes to our beloved lips. If in 2014 you still want to rock the red lip, don’t forget that doing it in a “Pin Up way” is just wrong. This year, it has to be a little blurred or just matte.

Find your perfect shade of red from the huge range of blue and orange based reds. Combine them with your skin tone, because you don’t want to look like a vampire or like some kind of no named being.

The red is risky and it has to be applied carefully with a brush, starting at the middle of your lip and slowly moving it to the edges. Reapply the lipstick if necessary and don’t forget to take the precious thing with you, when going out.

Marilyn Monroe is the perfect example of how defining is this small part of our makeup entity. The red lips are screaming for attention, so don’t do it if you just want to walk alone in the park. Once you have a red lipstick on, there is a huge chance a guy will follow you, take your hand, play with your heart and marry you.