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56% of girls lose confidence during puberty and redefine what it means to do something #LikeaGirl

You run like a girl.

You throw like a girl.

You blog like a girl.

According to the new Always Confidence and Puberty Study, only 19% of girls have a positive association with the phrase “like a girl.”

It’s time for a change. Always is rallying girls from across the globe to redefine the meaning of doing something #LikeaGirl from an insult to an expression of strength, talent, character and downright awesomeness.

Directed by Lauren Greenfield, winner of the Sundance Film Festival Directing Award for her documentary, “The Queen of Versailles” in 2012, the #LikeaGirl social experiment captures how doing something like a girl changes as they grow up and how a bit of encouragement can go a long way in changing what it means to be proud to be a girl, and do things like a girl.

Don’t let being a girl hold you down! Be proud. Be YOU! Take a stand and show young girls everywhere that doing things #LikeAGirl should never be used as an insult – that it means being strong, talented, and downright amazing.

So tell me, what do you do #LikeaGirl?