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I recently chopped off more than 6 inches of my locks to prepare for the hotter weather. With a new hairstyle, I have had a lot of fun exploring different ways to style it. One of my favorite looks, for long or short hair, during the Spring/Summer season is the classic beach waves. Since I have really fine hair, I need both texture and volume to create the waves. Here are the steps to recreate my surf hair:

1) Start with second day hair, and spritz your favorite texturizing surf spray towards the ends of your hair. Afterwards, I like to use my hands to scrunch my hair.
2) I recently discovered this amazing Volumizing Powder by Got2b. This is the latest cool find to instantly volumize your hair. I shake a small amount into my palm and rub my hands together. Once the powder disappear, you’ll still be able to feel the product on your hair. Then I rub my hairs at the root of my hair in an upward motion towards my crown. It gives the root a boost and volume.
3) For the final step, I set everything with a pomade. Work a dab or two into the hair and rub your fingers together at the ends of your hair. It can lift and loosen the layers.
Products Used:
1) mark. Avon That’s Beachy Texturizing Surf Spray (Buy here)
2) Got2b Volumizing STYLING POWDER (Learn more about the product here)
3) Got2b Playful Texture Crème POMADE (Learn more about the product here)
Original post on a Fashion Magazine can be seen here!