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With summer just around the corner, I can’t wait to play around with my sunglasses. One of my favorite thing to do is to add some extra details to my shades. These two methods are really simple and cost friendly as well but it’s a great way to turn a boring pair of shades into something more vibrant.

Here are the materials that you’ll do:
1) Sunglasses – I bought my off of eBay so they were around $1 each
2) Pearl stickers
3) Fake flowers – I bought my from a local dollar store and it’s up to you what colors you want
4) Glue gun
Pearl Sunglasses: This is actually quite simple. You just have to take the pearl sticker and space them equally around the sunglasses. If you’re not good at eye-balling the caps and spaces, I would suggest making little marks with a silver pen first. Then the glasses is ready to go and ready to be wore. For the pearl design, I think it would look good with either dark or light colored frames.
Floral Sunglasses: This specific design requires a little more work than the previous one but it’s still very simple. The first step is to cut the little flowers out.

I left a little bit of the stems still attach to the flower so it’ll be easier to glue onto the frames. Don’t over cut, otherwise the flower will fall apart. (That happened to me!)

This part you must work very quickly. I squeezed a little bit of hot glue onto the stem on the flower and before it dries, I stuck it only the white frame. I would suggest drawing marks on the frame with a pencil so you don’t have to worry about spacing everything evenly. For the floral design, I suggest going with a light frame because it looks so much nicer with the little flowers.

And now you’re all set for the summer season! :) Feel free to tag me (@thiswasforever) on Twitter or Instagram to show me your DIY sunglasses!

  • This is such an easy and awesome idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • priincess emily

      Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • Love the flower glasses, so cute for summer with a bright outfit!! Good idea buying your sunglasses off Ebay by the way, I’ve bought a couple pairs that I thought were a great deal from Ardene and they broke so easily (I could maybe swallow that a bit easier if they were $1 sunglasses like yours haha)

    We recently did DIY sunglass holders, you should try it for your next sunglasses project! http://thegirlsonbloor.com/diy-sunglass-holders-cute-cheap-easy/

    • priincess emily

      Yeah Ardene ones are not that great! But sometimes you can find a great deal there…I have gotten some sunglasses before in Ardene that are 10 for $10 :) It’s a great deal! But yeah, definitely try eBay! They have very affordable pieces that’s just perfect for DIYs!