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I’ve always been the ombre enthusiast, especially at home kits for creating the ombre look. Remember when I used the previous L’Oreal Paris Ombre home coloring kit here? Well, I’m really happy that L’Oreal has created the newly launched Superior Preference Ombre Touch and Feria Coloured Ombre!

The L’Oreal Paris team invited me to an opportunity to have their Official Hair Artist & Colourist, Eric Del Monaco create the perfect Ombre hair look on me. The location is right at Eric’s salon: Del Monaco Hair Studio, 388 Richmond Street West, Toronto. This is the interior of the salon: it’s quite chic indeed.

S.Pellegrino, cupcakes and L’Oreal Paris Ombre at-home haircolours! In my shoes, that’s a pretty good combo!

This is my hair before the consultation and the coloring session. Thank you JL for being my photographer that night!

This is the new coloring kit that was used on me that night: Superior Preference Ombre Touch in Light Brown to Medium Brown Hair OT5. The touch ombre is very subtle and it adds a touch of dimension for a luminous, sophisticated ombre effect with delicate strands of colour. Formulated for natural or colour-treated hair, it puts the glamour of ombre at your fingertips.

The application process is very simple and can definitely be achieved at home. It’s really unique because it comes with a little finger tip applicator that you just have to slip over your finger. The New pro-touch applicator fits on your index finger so you can precisely select and lighten different hair lengths. It also has shorter development time vs. other Ombre at-home haircolours.

Since I have short hair now, Eric suggested that I do little colored pieces all over my hair instead of just the bottom. Some pieces are higher and some pieces are lower. The finished look is also supposed to make my short hair look fuller as well because of the highlights.

I left the hair dye on for 45 minutes because like always, my hair is always the hardest to get any colors on. This was a silly photo because the stylist had to put some conditioner on my eyebrow to prevent them for getting colored. We joked that it would be really funny if I had ombre eyebrow as well.

Here is the man of the hour, Eric Del Monaco! He has magic hands when it comes to working with hair.

These photos were taken the next day! (Please excuse the messy room) I love how my hair looks with so much more dimension now! Plus, I love how the color actually showed up on my dark hair. The L’Oreal Superior Preference Ombre hair kit is worth trying for those who are looking for ombre style hair without the salon price tag. You can purchase your kit at your local drugstores for $12.99 CAD.

  • Lulu

    Looks great! Just want to say your new bob looks amazing and suit your face well! I recently just ombré my hair with green dip dyed with the intention of turquoise. I guess I was too impatient with bleach my ends.