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I’m considering selling my garden and flower photographs online. My kids have been saying I should do this for a long time. My photographs sell quite well at local craft shows, but I’ve been feeling that I could benefit from a wider reach for my photographs. The internet is international, they say, so for that kind of availability, I think I’d have to go online. I still wasn’t sure. Not yet decided, but definitely curious.
The site I’m looking for will answer the question: How will this site help you sell your handmade items online? I expect to learn more questions and hopefully answers, than I could think of myself with my current limited knowledge.

How am I going to find the online handmade marketplace that would be a fit for me and my items? I’m going to search on the web, and what better place to search about online handmade craft marketplaces than on the web?

Some crafters I know from craft fairs recommended iCraftgifts.com. Because it’s local to me in Canada I had a look at the site. I was pleased with what I saw in that short visit. Cheerful looking site, and the handmade crafts looked to be very high quality.
Together with my crafter friends, I got together a list of what I’d like to see in a handmade craft marketplace online. The following looks like a pretty complete list to me, but who knows what I may have missed?

The most important question to ask is: What do I want in an online handmade craft marketplace?
I want:
– an online handmade craft site with a real handmade focus, and only that focus. No extra things like vintage or supplies, or manufactured items
– a feeling from the design of the site and the nature of forum discussions that this is a friendly, trustworthy site
– a community of handmade crafters and craft lovers that I can learn from and meet online.
– a site where the processes that make my store run are dependableI will certainly want to promote my store and my products. I don’t know how, but I’m willing to learn.
clear instructions, straightforward ways to get around the site.
– a friendly admin staff. I know it already, I’ll need a comprehensive Help section as a resource on the site as well as responsive and knowledgeable admin support.
– What kinds of costs might I expect to set up and maintain the store?
– How easy is it to set up my store and get going selling?
These kinds of questions will guide you as you move forward in your research to find the perfect online handmade craft marketplace. I am personally going to compare three popular online handmade crafts marketplaces .These are iCraft, a niche marketplace based in Canada; Zibbet, a mid-sized marketplace based in Australia; and the giant Etsy where you can sell pretty much anything, including handmade.
There is a lot of talk and opinion on the web about how Etsy’s culture is changing, drifting towards the E-Bay model, which sells everything, including the kitchen sink.