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January 26, 2014

Ice Fire tribal sweater (Purchase here), H&M stadium jumper, from Hong Kong polka dot maxi skirt, Uniqlo heat-tech leggings (Purchase here), Converse shoes

Ice Fire is one of those stores where the boyfriend loves more than me. He can spent multiple, I kid not, of hours browsing through and trying out the clothes. It’s always on the top of his “must-shop” list every time we visit Hong Kong. But I must admit, the stuff in the store are beyond nice in terms of style and quality; the products are actually very unique and cannot be found in Toronto. This tribal sweater was a gift from JL and the pattern along with the rope tassel made it one of my most worn sweater in the past few weeks. I feel like it’s mandatory to include a photo of JL in this post and well, he here is.

  • ClosetVoyage

    Such a sweet outfit! And omg do we have exactly the same hair now?!

    Closet Voyage

    • priincess emily

      Yeah! We totally do now! Hair twins?? :)

  • Hadrien’s Factor

    Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    Like it so much!

    • priincess emily

      Thank you! And nice blog you got there! :)

  • Оксана Золотухина

    Awesome outfit! Thanks for sharing:))

    • priincess emily

      Thank you! :D