this was forever ☾
December 24, 2013

H&M Trend jacket (this season), Dynamite cropped top (this season), Phillip Lim for Target tank, American Outfitters faux leather jogging, Vans shoes, Michael Kors Selma bag

Christmas greetings all the way from Hong Kong! After a delayed 5 hour flight, thanks to that ice storm in Toronto, I finally made it back “home” yesterday. Yes, Hong Kong will always be home for me since I was born there. As convenient as not bringing my laptop with me have now proved to be a rather dumb idea now since blogging from my phone is not quite ideal. I can’t promise how often I can update here during my two week vacation but if you want to see my travel plans, shopping hauls and food adventures, be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter, all under the same name @thiswasforever. Finally, I wish you all a wonderful and joyous Christmas with your loved ones and for those of you without electricity in Toronto, please stay warm!