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When I am sad, I have this tendency to write my feelings out. It’s one of the only ways that I can handle my emotions. And tonight, I am sad. This evening, I lost someone. She had survived cancer in the past 8 years and it was only a recent relapse a month ago that she had finally lost the battle. Though I know she is in heaven and is no longer in pain, there are still so many thoughts and memories and regrets that are running in my mind. We are all here on borrowed time and one day, we will all meet our maker. So don’t waste time, especially on things that aren’t valuable. Every minute, every second is a chance, a chance to change your life and to make it better. Life and death are one continuous thread. We are just looking at the line from different ends. If you want to reach for the stars, do it. If you love someone, tell her. Treasure the people around you and don’t go to bed with “should-of’s”, “could-of’s”, or “would-of’s”. And lastly, think of all the beauty and wonder still left around you, and be content to know that you are blessed.