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For all the food products that stain your teeth like red wine, coffee, and black tea, there are also foods that can help protect and ultimately even whiten your teeth when you make a practice of incorporating them in your diet. The reason these foods work to sustain a whiter smile is simple and organic. Each of these foods contains low levels of pigments or tannins that soak into your teeth. Many also contain beneficial chemicals or have a fibrous composition that scrub your teeth free of acids and other substances harmful to your tooth enamel.

Be realistic with your expectations. These foods are helpful in maintaining a white smile but they are not going to give you whiter teeth overnight—but every little thing counts in the long run!

Switch from green or black teas to white tea
It makes sense. White teas have less staining elements and are less tannic than green or black teas. That makes them less likely to stain your teeth.

Avoid dark colas or fruit drinks
Drink clear sodas and light-colored fruit drinks when you have a choice. Better yet, avoid these highly sugary beverages altogether.

Munch carrots
Vegetables like carrots scrub your teeth and promote healthy saliva production. You’ll also get key vitamins while you eat carrots.

Eat an apple a day
Apples not only contain nutritional value to keep the doctor away; eating a good crisp apple also scrubs your teeth right down to the gums.

Crunch celery
Celery is a vegetable that almost resembles a natural toothbrush. The cellulose in celery stalks gives them rigidity and a fibrous quality that cleans your teeth.

Gnaw on broccoli
Fresh broccoli has a rigid texture not unlike celery, with the added benefit of a spongy upper texture that helps clean teeth. Broccoli contains vital antioxidants that help your teeth resist acids.

Get juicy with oranges and pineapples
Both of these popular citrus fruits are known to stimulate healthy saliva production. The natural juices in these fruits can essentially rinse the mouth.

Dig into strawberries
The malic acid in fresh strawberries acts as a natural cleanser for your pearly whites. You can eat them whole or dice them up as sides for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

Drink milk and water, and eat yogurt
These two fluids are good for your mouth to keep it hydrated. The high calcium level in milk has a direct effect in making enamel stronger. Add probiotic foods like Greek yogurt to enhance digestion and prevent acid reflux and heartburn, conditions that can affect your mouth and your eating habits.

Even when using these healthier drinks, fruits and vegetables, it is always well advised to floss and brush your teeth after eating to keep fruit skins or fibers from lodging between your teeth and affecting your gums.

Author bio:
With more than 18 years of experience, Dr. Hamid Nassery of Real Smile Dental Spa has completed many certified courses in all aspects of dentistry. From cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry to implants, Dr. Nassery is dedicated to helping patients gain functional and beautiful teeth.

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    /reads this post while drinking a huge icy glass of diet coke- NOM NOM NOM >: D hehehehehe

  • Good post! I absolutely love drinking red wines, teas, eating blueberries, blackberries, and grass jelly and guilinggao. I can’t give up any of them, and because of that I do have to whiten my teeth regularly with strips. Thank goodness I also love a lot of the things you mentioned in your post, if not my teeth will probably be horridly stained.

    I’ve been cutting back on a lot of acidic drinks and food because I’m worried that my tooth enamel is getting worn by the stuff I’ve been eating. Does worn tooth enamel cause your teeth to stain more and do I need to be worried about drinking stuff like water with lemon and coconut juice?