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Texture is a big trend when it comes to nail polish for this season. Whether it’s caviar beads or fuzzy coat or chalkboard nails, texture is everywhere. For me, as much as I love trends, I never like to spurge on them. So when I came across this Essence Effect Nails in Candy Buffet, I simply couldn’t pass it up. This product contains multi color 3D pearls that makes you want to touch your nails. It’s also very simple to create.

First, apply 2 generous coat of nail polish. Here I’m using Essie Ballet Slippers, which is a very pale pink so it will not draw away from the beads. Then I like to sprinkle the pearls through the filter over my wet nails. After the beads have completely covered my nail, I then press gently onto the pearls to ensure that each piece is stuck on. For better lasting, I have also applied a thin layer of topcoat on the nail tips. And then, you’re 3D nails are done! This is a great trend to try out and it will only merely set you back $3.

Products Used:
Essence Effect Nails in 07 Candy Buffet
Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

  • Lulu

    How long did this manicure last? Take inconsideration such as does it stay put after showering .

    • I added a top coat so it lasted much longer than expected :) Around 4 days then the little pearls started to fall out. So I would highly suggest you put a top coat on top :)