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Here are the photos from last Thursday’s Dynamite Best Dressed Party that I hosted at Yorkdale Shopping Center. I’m really grateful to those who came out and took advantage of the extra 25% off the entire Dynamite Collection. The entire Dynamite team at Yorkdale were so friendly and welcomed me into their store with so much energy! It was insane! I’m truly thankful for their hospitality.

The entire night was filled with shopping and styling customers. It really reminded me again of what it felt like to work in retail. I was so exhausted by the end of the night but team Dynamite was still so full of energy. (Thank you Amber for such a great night! I hope you are reading this!) Girls, don’t forget to shop at Dynamite for the latest fashion finds and if you’re lazy, you can always browse through their online store. Stay tune for how I style some of the new products from Dynamite in future posts.