Mattel game night for my birthday: #gameonparty

Mattel gave me a chance to host a Mattel Game Night with a group of my friends for my birthday this year. I can’t think of anything more fun than getting together with a few of my friends and sharing a night filled with board games. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s very affordable. A great way to save money is to spent time inside on a Saturday night instead of going out.

Before my kit was sent to me, I had to figure our what’s my Gameology sing. What’s a Gameology sign you ask? Mattel recently launched the Gameology Facebook App which determines your “game sign” – your sign tells you what type of player you are and which games fit you best. I found out that I am a “Socialies”. Since I’m Socialies, Mattel decided to send me the following games: Apples to Apples, Skip-Bo, Angry Birds Space, UNO Dice and Pictionary Dice.

The kit included a selection of games along with everything I needed to help place for a party. There are things like party checklist, coasters, napkins, bottle openers, and fortune cookies (COLOURFUL ones!). I also took the liberty to purchase some snacks and food for my guests. We also ended up cooking dinner together as well.

Apples to Apples

We started off the night with Apples to Applies because it’s the game that can accommodate the most amount of people. It’s very easy to catch on and the instructions are very straight forward. It created a lot of laughters and screams in order to pursue the judge to choose the card that we have placed down. Though we think it’s highly illegal to do so, we still did it.


We then played a round of Skip-Bo. Each player is dealt a stockpile of 30 cards. The winner will be whoever manages to empty their stockpile first. We found that this game is rather slow in pace in comparison to the other ones. We thought about ways to change the game to make it go by faster, for example: decreasing the number of cards in the stockpile and allowing the numbers to go up and go down. But other than that it’s pretty addictive.

Angry Birds Space

Though the game is meant for younger players (age 5 and up) but to be honest, most of us had the best time playing this game. This just proves that we are all little kids on the inside. It’s actually really interesting when we were building the structures based on the specifications of the cards. Some cards were harder to built than others and some birds were easier to use than others. The sling shot was solidly created, which meant it’s not easily breakable.

Pictionary Dice

This is hands down my favourite game of the night. Maybe I’m a little bias because of my arts background. But I simply love the simple concept of the game. The can container is neat and it makes it easier to carry around. The funnest part is when we are comparing our drawings. Turns out, “pointy boat” looks exactly the same on paper.


Though UNO was not included in my game kit, but JL had the game anyways. And since it’s a part of Mattel, we decided to end the night off with this classic game. Yes, it’s a classic and yes, it will always bring us laughter. I love catching other players who forget to say “uno”!

Thank you Mattel for providing me with a great night of games with my dearest friends! It’s definitely a great excuse to gather all my friends together for my birthday. The matching coloured fortune cookies are a great ending to this night.