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Isn’t it every girl’s dream to marry her Prince Charming? And to wear the most beautiful white gown as she is walking down the aisle? I know I’ve dreamt of my wedding day since…I was 10? Haha! I may have found my Prince Charming, but I’m still have some way to go before getting married. But that still doesn’t stop me from browsing around for the perfect wedding dress! A girl can still fantasize, right? ;)

I recently started to browse for wedding Gowns from Christina Wu. I’ve heard that she’s a great designer when it comes to bridal gowns so I went ahead and check out some of the styles she can offer. I’m not the type to spent a few thousand on my own wedding gown because maybe I’m just too practical. As long as the dress looks good on, then I don’t mind which brand it’s from. I especially love these dresses below, I’m such a sucker for anything with a tail and mermaid tails are my favourite because let’s face it, I’ve always dreamt of becoming Little Mermaid.

Aside from a wedding gown, I also love browsing through bridesmaid dresses. I tried to check online and I feel in love with the bridesmaid dresses from The Green Guide. I think it’s so important to choose a colour that you’ll never get bored with because these photos are going to be around for a long time.

For wedding photography, I love browsing through Vanessa Paxton – a Toronto wedding photography Studio to take care of the pictures for the wedding as well as the video coverage. Her photos have a very romantic and soft feel to them, which I absolutely adore.